The Indy 500 returns to iRacing

iRacing has just announced that the Indy 500 will officially return to the service with immediate effect. iRacing lost the licence when it was given to Motorsport Games a couple of years ago but that's changed now due to a brand new long-term licensing agreement between Indycar and iRacing.

What does this mean for you?

When iRacing lost the official Indycar licence, they were forced to remove all Indycar branding from the various Indycar series offered on the service as well as losing the official Indy 500 race.

Motorsport Games was then supposed to release an official Indycar game that would feature all of the cars and tracks that made up the 2023 Indycar season but this did not happen. The agreement was cancelled and the license was awarded to iRacing.

This means that you can enter the officially branded Indycar series on iRacing as well as race in the iRacing Indy 500. You won't have to buy any new cars or tracks. The cars will just receive branding again and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track will get its license extended further. This branding of both the cars and track will extend to league racing as well.

Final thoughts

We're very happy that this has happened mainly because iRacing has done a great job in running the annual and super-popular Indy 500. The actual Indycars are amazingly detailed, and fantastic to drive.

iRacing Dallara IR18

Motorsport Games lost a good opportunity to create a high-quality Indycar game but they clearly did not take it seriously.

We're glad though that we as sim racers get to experience the thrills and spills of the Indy 500 in an officially sanctioned event.

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